Too Big or not Too Big

Award Winning Director / Cinematographer

Nothing is Impossible

shooting, editing, special effects, CGI or full production


I got several Canon 5Dmk3 DSLR and a selection L-Series lenses at my disposal and rent (RED, ARRI, 4K)equipment as needed.


Ever hear of a video toaster? I never used one …but I edited on videotape in the 90’s and i’ve done lots of music videos, commercials, corporate, television and industrial.

produce & direct

Want us handle the project from start to finish? We’ve done some pretty decent work. Lets get the job done. Call me…


My Work

Maxx Surge Athletics

directing · editing · runnin gun · shooting

Curbit Recycling City of St. John’s


PC Party

editing · shooting

Jennifer MacDougall Stylist

editing · runnin gun · shooting

Newfoundland Power Safety

editing · shooting

Stella’s Circle

compositing · editing

Roebothan McKay and Marshall

animation · compositing · directing · editing · production · shooting

ClearStream 500 Jobs

directing · previsualization · production · sfx

Daniel Cleary ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

editing · runnin gun · shooting

Newfoundland Labrador Innovation

directing · editing · production

The Paint Shop Spring Promotion


Brownie Points

editing · runnin gun · shooting

Middle Cove Beach Capelin rolling

fun · runnin gun

St. John’s Airport Authority – Christmas 2014

editing · runnin gun · shooting

Memorial University FaceForward

animation · directing · editing · shooting

MMSB – Save Our Sheds

directing · shooting

Keyin College


Iron and Earth East Crowdfunder

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